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Strong & Natural Retaining Walls

Galea Handyman not only build quality retaining walls we can also repair and maintain old or fallen retaining walls. With out experience you know your wall will be good for years to come. A Properly Treated & Constructed Timber Retaining Wall will last a very long time. Retaining Walls offer a way to create appealing, natural-looking walls. Design flexibility and cost are other reasons to build timber walls.

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We specialise in timber sleeper retaining walls. As Gold Coast Retaining Wall Specialists, we have Built & Repaired countless walls. We build strong and reliable timber retaining walls. When we complete your project, you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Strong & Natural Retaining Walls

Timber Retaining Walls are walls made from Sleepers & Pine Logs. Hardwood sleepers look better and give you a great, long lasting Retaining Wall. Pine Sleepers are cheaper and if properly treated can last well against local conditions and pests. Consider talking to Galea Handyman before beginning your project or repairing your existing Retaining Wall. We’ll give you Sound Impartial Advice on the various Retaining Wall Options Available to you. We also look to advise our clients on Rules & Regulations for Retaining Walls across the Gold Coast.

Hardwood Timber vs Pine: Which Is Right For Your Wall?

There are advantages to both and perhaps the best way to make a decision is to call us. We’ll come out and give you a Free Quote while discussing the Pros & Cons of both. That said, let’s have a look at what each has to offer.

Looks Great with Darker Richer Hues ✅
Lasts Longer ✅*
More Expensive ❎

Lighter & Easier to use Timber ✅
Cheaper Option ✅
Can have a Shorter Lifespan ❎

When discussing timber it’s important to note that not all timbers are equal. There are different types of treatments applied to pine that can effect their longevity. In general though, it’s fair to say that a hardwood timber wall will outlast a pine one.

*Treated timbers are rated H1 to H6, with H4 being the minimum standard for use in the ground.

As a basic guide, expect to get about 10-20 years from Hardwood Timber, whereas Pine would be about half.

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