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Lawn Mowing & Garden Maintenance

Sit back and let Galea Handyman take care of your Lawn Mowing & Garden Maintenance. We can do one-off Lawn Mowing or arrange a regular service, so you never have to worry about your lawns. Big or Small jobs are no problem. We pay the same amount of detail to all our our Lawn Mowing & Garden Maintenance Projects. Our mowing services includes edges trimmed, weeds removed, grass cuttings removed and of course the lawns mowed to perfection.

Contact Us Today for a Free Quote or to discuss your project and find our how Galea Handyman can help you!

Sit back and let the Galea Handyman Lawn Mowing & Garden Maintenance Team take care of your Garden. We have all the latest tools and experience to give your backyard the care it deserves.

Galea Gardening Team

Your garden care is our business and we’re packed and ready to go. When we roll out with the Galea Garden Trailer we’re packed and ready for anything. If you’ve already used Galea Handyman previously then you’ll know how we tackle every job with care. Give Galea Gardening Team a go and you won’t be disappointed.

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